The City at Dawn

The metropolis is quiet now

The raucous daytime voices are stilled

One speeding car on the boulevard

The last reveler returning home

A magic time this is before dawn

The click of one’s shoes on the pavement

A sound heard rarely and only then

The market stalls packed and put away

Coffee brews at the all night Starbucks

Cappuccino in a real cup please

A seat by the window to observe

The vanguard of the citizenry

The subway’s web begins tingling now

Peripheral people are coming

Keepers of the keys open their shops

As the eastern sky shows clouds tinged red

One sees movement behind the store fronts

Preparation for the flood to come

The borough awakes, stretches and yawns

Soon the trains will deliver the crush

There is still time to breathe fresher air

Walk slowly down an empty sidewalk

And be beguiled by this new facet

Of the wondrous city by the sea.