Joe Biondi's Description

     His friends call him Joe, but that’s not his real name. His parents named him Giuseppe, which gives a clue to his background. The greenish eyes looking out from his olive colored skin are incongruous and do not look Sicilian, but possibly reflect the inherited trait of some of Sicily’s many conquerors, probably the Normans, descendants of the Vikings. His slightly crooked nose, the result of an earlier encounter, accentuated his rugged good looks. Curly black hair would be unruly except for the fact that his father was a barber. He was not a pretty boy. He was of average height, but naturally stocky, with wide shoulders and big hands.

     He grew up tough, working as a stevedore at age 16 on Buffalo’s docks, but learned to be a killer in the Argonne Forest in the Great War. He was an early volunteer and quickly was recognized by the army to be a natural soldier. His appearance masked his intelligence and he used his ability to think like the enemy to eliminate a great many of them. His fierceness in battle earned him the nickname of Apache.

     None of his family knows exactly how he makes his money, but he appears to be very successful at what he does. He wears the latest fashions, and with his looks and fat wallet, attracts a steady parade of waitresses, stenographers and salesgirls. While every nationality had its own derisive nickname, like Polack, Mick, Nigger and Kike, no-one ever called him Wop or Dago to his face, without risking facial rearrangement.

     Joe was a hero to his sister, Teresa. In her junior year at D’Youville College, she was studying business and was the only girl in her class of Italian descent, the rest being mostly Irish or German. She was the object of much scorn, until word got around of who her brother was. He loved her too much to see anyone do harm to her. She would be somebody, someday, he vowed.


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