A Month in Bologna

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The First Day in Bologna

We finally landed in Bologna at 11:30 A.M. local time after our Denver ->  Washington -> Brussels -> Bologna marathon flight. The photo taken of the poster at the airport pretty much says it all.

We took a taxi to our new home for the next month and met Lucia, who oriented us. Via Arienti, the street where we are located will not be featured in any Home and Gardens showcase. It gives new meaning to "Old World". Well, you never know what you will get shopping on the Internet. However, the apartment itself is fine and will do for June.

One peculiar feature is the iron gate at the entrance to the condo. The picture explains it better than any words will do. Talk about security! Also, we don't want to fall into any water fully clothed as we have a set of keys that will sink us immediately. The keys are for: street door, iron gate, apartment door, basement and laundry room. They have colors painted on them to help figure out which is which. We each have our own set.

After Lucia left and we got a bit refreshed, we went to a little pizzeria down the block, because we were famished. Breakfast on the plane was yogurt and a miserable little Twinkie type pastry and I don't like yogurt. 

When we had ordered and tried our Italian for the first time, we thought it might be good to ask if we could pay by credit card. Of course not, cash only. I left the pizza place and frantically searched for a bank or ATM, while our pizza was cooking. No luck. Banks were closed for lunch! The ATM was broken! Nothing was left but to negotiate with the restaurant owner in Italian.

We explained, as best we could, that we were honest but stupid people who just moved into the neighborhood and could we somehow work things out and maybe pay later when we had Euros. The owner finally said "Mangia, Mangia." so we ate. It turned out that the bill was so cheap that we had enough Euros left over from a previous trip that we could cover it. Everyone was happy and we parted friends.


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