A Month in Bologna

Our 2011 Italian Blog


     Tomorrow, May 31, Ronnie and I head to the airport to begin a two month adventure in Europe. The month of June, we will be based in Bologna, Italy. A number of our friends have asked to be kept up to date of what we discover and experience, so I am publishing this blog as our information platform.

     I put the map of Northern Italy above because of confusion some people have of where Bologna is located. It’s kind of in the middle of everything, being equidistant from Venice, Florence and Milan. For that reason, we thought it would make a good base for us. Also, Bologna is called “TheStomach of Italy”, since so much good food comes from there. I’ll do my best to confirm this or not.

     Today will be a trifle hectic as we finish deciding what to pack for two months. It look like United Airlines will be making a couple of extra bucks off us in luggage fees. Che sarà, sarà. Ciao!

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