Welcome to Ted's Place


Hello. Thanks for dropping in. You have entered a website that contains a collection of  stories that Ted has written. Rather than spending time and effort trying to publish them, he developed this site. Hopefully, you'll find something that interests you.  

Navigating on this site depends on the device you are using to access it. Mobile phones will probably see the Menu, which contains links to the offerings. Otherwise, click on one of the buttons right under the Welcome sign. Every other page will have the ability to jump back here by clicking on the Welcome link in the upper left corner.

The plan is to update the website with new material periodically, and to keep readers up to date with any additions. Travelers might enjoy the blog recording Ted and Ronnie's trip to Bologna in 2011. Things haven't changed much in Bologna since then. There is an Entries button on the first page that gives you a list of the blogs.

To leave a comment, click on the button at the bottom of this page.

Some of what you'll see here:

1. "The City at Dawn"  A poem that the New York Times published.

2. "Bologna Blog" A day by day blog of a month long trip to Bologna, Italy.

3. "Harem Girl" is a story detailing the search for a perfect mate.

4. "Siegmar's Day" describes an experience a ten year old boy had in World War 2.

5. "My Night With Marco" relates what happened to an annoying student in an Italian church.

6. "Cruising Down the Dnieper" relates a trip through the heart of Ukraine in 1993.

7. "My Mother, the Flu and I" How a  pandemic touched Ted and his mother.

8. "First Day" My Introduction to Germany.